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How to make the perfect cup of coffee

From a simple cafetière to an espresso machine, there are many different ways to serve up a cup of joe, but how do we know which is best way to make coffee? We asked coffee expert Mat North, owner of Full Court Press, a speciality coffee shop in UK, and the author of Coffee: A Modern Field Guide, who says that brewing coffee is a science experiment; you just need to know which variables to manipulate. How can we use science to improve our coffee? Making coffee is a chemical process. We have our solute, coffee, we have our solvent, water, and we create a solution. Within that, there are a myriad of variables that we can control, but there are four...

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9 Ways to Engage Your Kids with Eco-Friendly Activities at Home

9 Ways to Engage Your Kids with Eco-Friendly Activities at Home Unexpectedly thrown into homeschooling? It's no small task to keep your kids on track with learning their usual requirements when it comes to reading, writing, and math. But the extracurricular part is where you can really have fun with it! And since you're here we have a feeling that you and your kids are nature-lovers through and through.  That's why we've gathered 9 fun ways to engage your kids around sustainability, start some great new conversations, and have FUN along the way. Watch A Movie The Lorax, Wall-E, DisneyNature’s Penguins - Pop some popcorn and watch these childhood favorites. When it’s over, chat with your kids about how they feel about it.  Start a...

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GOOD NEWS! 9 Positive Environmental Stories from March

GOOD NEWS! 9 Positive Environmental Stories from March Wow. March has been a doozy. For many of us, our daily routines have drastically changed this month due to the Coronavirus. But now more than ever it is important to focus on the good!  There have been a few surprises this month in regards to the wellbeing of the planet. And while many have found themselves with more spare time, us environmentalists are still doing what we can from our homes to ensure our efforts do not get put on pause.  Let's get to the GOOD stuff! Carbon Emissions are Down Due to COVID19 Earlier this month we mentioned the surprising climate change benefits of the Coronavirus. While social distancing has definitely...

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12 Nature-Friendly Things to Do While You’re Stuck at Home

12 Nature-Friendly Things to Do While You’re Stuck at Home Social distancing got you down? We get it. With everything that’s happening globally, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and anxious, but it doesn’t have to be this way! We will get through this, and there’s no reason not to have a little fun along the way. So in the interest of our collective sanity, we’ve compiled a list of 12 nature-friendly things to do even if you're stuck at home! Read ALL the Nature Books Embrace your inner e-bookworm and forget about this crazy world for a while. Some of our favorites are: Drawdown, The Hidden Life of Trees, The Golden Spruce, Nature's Temples, and The Wondrous Workings of Planet Earth. Before long, you’ll be saying...

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